Samuel Brauer, Ph.D.

Director, Market Research, Nanotech Practice

samuelSamuel Brauer, Ph.D. has been with Nanobiz since its inception.  He has worked on Nanobiz projects in areas such as coatings, filtration, photovoltaics, fuel cells, batteries and personal care.  He has an extensive background in market research and an ability to estimate market sizes in widely diverse industries.  This broad knowledge base is very useful when a cross-disciplinary approach is required to solve a knotty problem.

He is also the founder of Nanotech Plus, LLC an alliance of consultants focused on the business of nanotechnology offering analysis of this burgeoning field to major corporations, small materials companies, venture and angel investors, and other financial institutions.  Established in 2004, the firms’ projects ranged from evaluating patent portfolios to estimating markets for novel therapeutics.   Based on our findings, corporations have been able to develop new research directions in energy, filtration, and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to Nanotech Plus, he was with the Business Communications Company for 7 years, leading market research on a broad range of advanced materials topics including polymer nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, advanced polymer composites, DNA micro arrays and in vitro toxicology. 

He received his doctorate in bioinorganic chemistry involving chromium carcinogenesis from Dartmouth in 1990 and did a postdoctoral stint on protein structure at UC Davis.

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