Karin Bartels, Ph.D.

karinKarin specializes in Intellectual Property and External Technology Management.

Dr. Bartels’ industrial career spans over 23 years with the global specialty chemicals company, Degussa (now Evonik Industry) both in Germany and in the US.
Karin has broad business experience in technology transfer and commercialization, licensing, negotiations and business development. She initiated and negotiated numerous university collaborations, research agreements, and IP licenses.

She has extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biocidal intermediate synthesis and scale-up processes, heterogenous precious metal catalysis, biocatalysis, inorganic nanoparticles (fumed silica and carbon black), chemical oxidation using peroxides, and polymers.

Dr. Bartels is recognized for her ability to generate new business through her broad external networks, practical approach to open innovation, and commercial assessment of in/out-licensing opportunities.

In her most recent position at Degussa, Karin specialized in IP asset management, IP due diligence and Innovation Management, and developing IP and patent strategies for several business units in the area of inorganic materials, peroxides, polymers and silicones and siloxanes. Dr. Bartels is a registered Patent Agent and has broad and diverse experience in creating, leveraging and enforcing IP assets.

Karin holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and a M.S. in chemistry and chemical engineering from the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany. Her Ph.D. dissertation based on Vitamin A derivatives was the basis of a joint patent with BASF AG. During Karin’s post-doctoral research at University of California, Riverside she developed new synthetic pathways for pharmaceutical intermediates using intramolecular Diels-Alder reactions.

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