Dr Vikram M Pattarkine

PEACE USA, CEO / Principal (Partner)

jamesDr Vikram M Pattarkine, CEO of PEACE USA, has a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years as a chemical-environmental engineer with extensive international experience covering consulting, research, technology development, technology transfer, and training. He has been recognized by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability.

Dr Pattarkine founded PEACE USA in 2008 to provide environmental stewardship strategies and solutions around the world. He has held several leadership positions in the past including Chief Technology Officer of OriginOil, Inc, a renewable energy technology development company; Senior Vice President of Brinjac Engineering, an engineering design and consulting firm; and Director of Process Engineering of Environmental Dynamics Inc, an equipment design and manufacturing firm. During the 1990s he led the Environment and Natural Resources Management consulting practice of Tata Consultancy Services, Asia’s largest consulting firm. Prior to this, he worked on energy-environment interface issues at TERI, India's premier think-tank.

Dr Pattarkine has been nominated on several prestigious professional committees such as the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee and the Water Environment Federation's Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee. He contributes to these committees as an expert on nutrient management, energy conservation, and renewable energy. He has authored chapters in manuals, peer-reviewed papers, and made technical presentations at conferences worldwide.

Dr Pattarkine holds a PhD in environmental engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Technology in chemical engineering from Nagpur University, India. He is an adjunct professor of environmental engineering at the University of Missouri and has also taught graduate students at Pennsylvania State University.

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