Lorette Pruden, Ph.D.

Inventive Strategies

loretteLorette Pruden, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer-turned-entrepreneur, who works at the intersection of the business and people processes that yield success. After over twenty-five years in the oil business, Lorette founded Inventive Strategies in 2000.

Now: Her broad network of specialists in innovation, marketing, organizational development, business development, and sales training, combine their expertise to meet many needs. Clients such as the SII Group, Inc, the National Institutes of Science and Technology, and Pfizer have valued her strategic focus and development of technical leadership. Emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs alike come for advice on presenting themselves to investors.

President of the NJ chapter of the National Speakers Association, Lorette speaks most frequently about strategic planning (“Is your Strategic Plan Working? (or is it in a binder on the shelf?)”™, and its execution. Lorette leads peer-advisory teams of entrepreneurs and small business owners through Team Nimbus NJ.

She also manages her community farmers market on Saturday mornings, which just finished it eighth season--in the black.

Then: Lorette’s study of nano-chemisty began at Mobil with shape-selective reactions of zeolites, including Mobil’s famous ZSM-5. Later, she focused on chromium and Ziegler-Natta based catalysts for polyethylene product development. She has over twenty patents and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Deciding to work more with people, she turned around a dysfunctional team within the R&D group. She joined a major re-organization within Mobil, bringing a more collaborative process to R&D, manufacturing, commercial development and financial teams. She also led the Balanced Scorecard™ team for R&D.

Through the Industrial Research Institute, she helped develop the innovation model that sparked the PDMA’s Front End of Innovation conference, now in its eighth year.

Lorette’s other qualifications and recognitions include:

  • Board of NJ Chapter of the Institute for Management Consultants
  • NJBiz Top 50 Management Consultants
  • Certifications in team dynamics and leadership
  • Advisory Board for the PDMA’s Front End of Innovation Conference
  • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, in American Women
  • Mobil Incentive Fellowship

Her Ph.D. dissertation in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University was Studies in Photoassisted Heterogeneous Catalysis: (by A. L. Pruden Childs). These pioneering studies in applied solar energy informed the degradation of contaminants in drinking water and the commercial development of self-cleaning plate glass windows.


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