Companies turn to Nanobiz when there is…

  • A high-priority need to identify, evaluate and execute alternate business growth strategies while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality or a need to avoid distracting internal staff their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • An emergent need for sophisticated new product commercialization or IP monetization leadership and support.
  • A short-term or periodic need for specialized technical or professional expertise focused on business growth, not available inside the organization, but under conditions that wouldn’t warrant permanent hires.
  • A need to establish business channels and strategic relationships in key US markets, but lack the internal capabilities to define and execute the required strategies.

Many companies are struggling to do more with less.

We help you prioritize and use your existing resources wisely, as well as find the right partner to fill in any gaps. Our hands-on experience in the commercialization environment enables us to help you compare internal R&D resources, licensing options, M&A, partnership opportunities, and many other methods to help your commercialization initiatives succeed even with limited resources.

Technology Assessment

   What is the most profitable product?
   Who would buy the product?
   What are the most cost effective ways to commercialization?

From Concept to Cash flow

   How many patents do you need to file to protect your invention?

   Where around the world do you need to patent?

   What product and market to target to get some early cash flow?
   Who in the world is a good partner?
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