Rhoda Kriesel, MBA, Ph.D.,

Rhoda uses our business-to-business [B2B] marketing knowledgethe chemical, aerospace, semiconductor, and healthcare markets and our business process skills to support market development efforts through:

  • Market and market factor evaluations to profile new business development opportunities
  • Insightful application of the principles and tools needed for new product/product line development,
    from concept to post-commercialization
  • Extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes in the specialty chemicals, aerospace,
    petrochemicals, and semiconductor industries

rhodaRhoda has more than 30 years experience in specialty chemical, semiconductor, petrochemical, and energy industry operations functions. From working with isocyanate manufacturers to solve toxics problems, to being part of the technology transfer team negotiating a deal with China satisfying to both parties,  the hands - on task of introducing new toxics measurement technology to improve operations; protect plant, product, and people has always been daunting and groundbreaking.  Analysis of the aerospace and military needs for toxics protection as well as being part of the DOE’s Industries of the Future, downloading energy efficient methods of operation, are two other aspects of Rhoda’s experience in the toxics and operations fields.
Demonstrating the positive economics of using  equipment led to several years profiling various markets for new item and application potential, which in turn led to consulting within various industries on energy efficiency and new application potential for a variety of new products.

Rhoda has a BA from Valparaiso University in Chemistry, and an MA [CT] and Ph. D [Ann Arbor] in French language and culture.  In 1990 she received an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.


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