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As a market research firm specializing in patents and IP, we have deep industrial expertise in technology, life sciences, and manufacturing. We help clients identify new market opportunities, assess the competitive landscape, and develop strategies to protect and monetize their IP assets.
Our experienced market researchers can develop and implement comprehensive studies to collect and analyze data from a variety of sources, including patent databases, industry reports, and customer surveys. This data can then be used to generate insights into your target market, identify new opportunities, and develop strategies to achieve your business goals.
If you are looking for a market research firm with the expertise to help you succeed in the patent and IP landscape, we encourage you to contact us today.


Energy & Sustainability

The quest for new energy sources, transmission and storage technologies is creating unprecedented business opportuni

Medical Devices

Convergence of technology and the aging population are opening up many new markets to astute market leaders.


New materials and new applications for existing materials offers boundless opportunities for growth. We help identify


Advances in electronics combined with relentless pricing pressures requires sophisticated strategies for profitability.


The twentieth century gave birth to plastics and revolutionized the material world we live in. All that was based on

Polymers, Chemicals & Coating

We see a myriad of new potential products and applications driven by advances in chemical synthesis, perfor