At Nanobiz, we offer clients decades of experience to help grow their businesses by expanding existing markets and identifying and capturing profitable new markets and applications. We provide clients with a broad range of integrated services – from concept validation to market segmentation, from strategy to execution, from gap analysis to M&A support.
  • India taking lead

    India is emerging as one of the most sought after destination for the business growth.

    India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and expected to become one of the largest economies by 2025. According to the World Bank, India could overtake China as the world's fastest growing economy in two years. The growth of Indian economy could accelerate in the coming years due to the ambitious plans of the new government to make the country's economy more efficient and vibrant.


    These trends are transforming conventional thinking about what it takes for any company to succeed on the global stage. For companies with global aspirations, India's market size and growth are key. Nanobiz, with its presence and experience bridging India and the U.S., provides end-to-end services for multinational companies wishing to capitalize on new trends in India's markets.

    Nanobiz India Service Offerings:

       Assessing industry, product and market landscapes
       Evaluating the dynamics of new and emerging markets
       Identifying new or traditional technologies
      Analyzing competitors' technology strengths & weaknesses
       Commercializing new products and technologies to create future growth engines
      Supporting business, technology, product, marketing and channel initiatives
       Finding and qualifying strategic alliance, technology and channel partners and acquisitions


    We have helped major global corporations:

      Find new technologies in Photovoltaics and Displays Assess business opportunities in coatings and filtration

      Benchmark fuel cell technology and strategize product development and partnerships


    Recent Events

    As part of our emphasis on personal service, we organized practical brainstorming sessions and other client site work in the U.S., Europe, Japan and India with concrete, actionable outcomes.


    list January 20
    "YCC Inuagrual Meeting - Strategic Networking"

    Luncheon - Pace University


    list October 13
    "The 5 Golden Rules of Business Requests"

    PIUG Northeast Conference, New Brunswick

    list October 1
    Nanobiz hosting the ACS, Chemical Marketing & Economics Group:
    "Transforming the World of Agrochemicals"

    Iain Kelly, Ph.D., Director of Regulatory Policy and Issue Management, Bayer Crop Science

    listJune 4
    Nanobiz hosting the ACS, Chemical Marketing & Economics Group:
    "Specialty Chemicals: A New Paradigm for Consumers, Materials & Life Science"

    James Mish, President, Consumer Specialties, Ashland, Inc. www.cmeacs.org/calendar2014-2015.html#calendar2015

    list May 28
    Environmental Implications of Microbeads:
    What Life Science Companies Need to Know.

    Association of Corporate Counsel
    Presented with Jay Stewart, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

    list March 18
    "Small & Large Company Collaborations"

    NJ Entrepreneurs University
    Baker Hostetler, Philadelphia



  • Nanobiz specializes in assisting Japanese corporate and trading companies find and market science-based products and industrial processes in the U.S., Europe and India. This includes finding and vetting partners and acquisition candidates. Our Japan-experienced U.S. principals work with both our Tokyo-based principals and in alliance with Japanese consulting firms of IH technology Co., Ltd. and Ideation Japan Inc. Combining this expertise with our internal India-based multi-source search group and U.S.-based primary researchers provides cost-effective, deep information content. This provides the proper context to drive decisions in a step-wise and comparative manner.

    Partners in Japan

    IH Technology Co., Ltd - http://www.ih-tec.com/index.html
    Ideation Japan Inc. - http://ideation.jp


    Nanobiz社が提供するサービスは、米国、ヨーロッパ及びインド等 で開発されているニッチな化学品やその製造技術を日本企業向け にコーディネートすることです。 海外の技術、マーケットやパテント等の調査だけではなく、調査 情報に基づき共同開発、提携可能な海外パートナーを紹介したり、 ベンチャー会社の買収のサポートを致します。 当社は米国、インドにそれぞれの分野でのビジネスエキスパート やリサーチャーを有しております。また日本の現地スタッフや下記 提携先とコラボしており、より広く深い情報の提供及び新しいビジ ネスモデルの提案が可能です。 クライアントのニーズに基づき、ビジネスモデルの作成、進め方 をご相談させていただき、各ステージ毎の目標をクリアしながら、 正しい経営判断ができるようお手伝いいたします。 よろしくお願いいたします。
    提携先: IHテクノロジー株式会社 http://www.ih-tec.com/index.html
    アイディエーション•ジャパン株式会社 http://ideation.jp
    Charles Brumlik Nanobiz LLC. Managing DIrector

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