Nano Biz


Welcome to NanoBiz!

At Nanobiz, we offer clients decades of experience to help grow their businesses by expanding existing markets and identifying and capturing profitable new markets and applications. We provide clients with a broad range of integrated services – from concept validation to market segmentation, from strategy to execution, from gap analysis to M&A support.

Consulting is not the only way we gain knowledge and experience of value to our clients. Throughout the year, Nanobiz executives and consultants also visit sites and speak at important industry conferences, meeting personally with technology innovators around the globe. Frequently, we know about the latest advances and developments in critical markets and technologies before any article is published and long before the investment banking community sorts things out. This knowledge, combined with our ability to confidentially act on behalf of our clients, enables us to bring opportunities to assess innovative products and technologies to our clients long before the competition even knows they exist.

Nanobiz executives offer an average of more than 25 years of experience each — leading and supporting complex technology commercialization and strategic innovation management initiatives. They hold advanced degrees from top academic institutions across a broad range of domains and have constantly broadened their skills and knowledge through hundreds of client engagements during their careers. We stand ready to apply these skills and knowledge to support your most critical innovation initiatives.

Companies Turn To Nanobiz When There Is…

A high priority need to identify, evaluate and execute alternate business growth strategies while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality or a need to avoid distracting internal staff from their day-to-day responsibilities.
A need to establish business channels and strategic relationships in key US markets but lack the internal capabilities to define and execute the required strategies.
An emergent need for sophisticated new product commercialization or IP monetization leadership and support.
A short-term or periodic need for specialized technical or professional expertise focused on business growth, not available inside the organization, but under conditions that wouldn’t warrant permanent hires.

Strategic Services

We offer a broad range of decision support, business and technology advisory, opportunity identification & validation, marketing and channel strategy services all aimed at accelerating your speed to peak revenues. Many of our clients consider us to be valued extensions of their own capabilities, as we seamlessly blend with their personnel and ongoing initiatives.

What sets us apart is our unique ability to concurrently consider not just the product and market aspects of a potential business initiative, but also the technology, IP, customer, channel and competitive dynamics.