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The mission of the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) of the American Chemical Society's New York Section, Inc., provides resources to enable success and accelerate growth of early-career chemists, chemical engineers and related professionals. We welcome mentors and helpers of all ages. 

January 20, 2018 - Luncheon - Pace University

Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

1 Pace Plaza Bianco Room--use Schimmel Theatre Entrance New York, NY 10038

CME organizes exciting monthly luncheons in midtown NYC where thought leaders present cutting-edge outlooks and actionable insights on energy, materials & life science. CME's audience includes professionals from industry, investment, academia, media and supranational organizations.
Limited Free Luncheons will be available to YCC members.


As CME Chair since 2016 he helped solidify its position as the largest business and technology group at ACS. He is co-organizer of many events including the 2017 ACS NASA Mars Symposium (800 attendees). He earned a law degree at New York Law. 

Charles will explain how to effectively use in-person networks, identify real-world needs and customize solutions. Decades of international networking with people from many cultures and needs brings a useful multifaceted utilization of networking. 

Recent Events

Brumlik spoke on "Clean, Green, and Sustainable - Where is the Business?" Charles Brumlik, principal, Nanobiz, LLC, presented on the clean-tech market. Samuel Brauer, principal, Nanotech Plus, spoke on "Soft Nanotechnologies - Types and Products, Materials, Industry and Market Trends." Audience members listening to Brauer's presentation on the life science market.
Nanobiz with Dr. Waleed Abdalati, Chief Scientist, and Dr. Mason Peck, Chief Technologist, at NASA Headquarters
Nanobiz-organized industry session at the Bangalore Nano 2008 Conference. Gold nanowires from Dr. Brumlik’s research, ca. 1990.

Nanobiz at NanoOpto

Nanobiz with Paul Atherton (Queensgate Instruments founder) and Seraphima Ventures


Nanobiz speaking at the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Nanobiz with Clayton Teague, Director of the National Nanotechnology Initiative




  • “Open Innovation, Formulas for Successful Large Company Collaborations” presentation after Michio Kaku keynote, NYSCC Cosmetic Technology Transfer Conference, 11/7/12
  • Nanobiz hosted at the ACS, Chemical Marketing & Economics Group: “Personal Care:  Future M&A Trends” Eric Vogelsberg, Senior VP, Kline & Company. www.cmeacs.org/calendar2012.html
  • "BioSynthetic Routes to Replacements for Petroleum-Derived Ingredients”, speaker & session chair, HBA
  • “Micro-Partnering: Successful Fortune 1000 Collaborations”, Keynote talk, Nano for Business 2012, Building Toward a Sustainable Future, Lehigh
  • “Commercializable Nanotechnology from PA Universities”, Panel chair, Nanotech’s Role in Advancing PA’s Economy, Harrisburg. www.lehigh.edu/nano/PA%20Nano%202012%20Agenda%20C.pdf



  • “International Partnerships/Interactions in Nanotechnology: Practical Advantages and Hurdles”, Nanotech – Global Perspective 2010
  • “Nano and Green Technology”, Panel Chair, CHEM Show
  •  “Renewable Energy Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs”, IEEE Entrepreneurs Day. http://ewh.ieee.org/r1/njcoast/entrepreneurs/program.html
  • “Precautionary Principle May Stay Nanotech Development in Cosmetics,” Interview by Cosmetics Design, 10/19/10
  • "Clean, Green, and Sustainable - Where is the Business?", Nano for Business 2010.
    “Alternative Energy”, Panel chair, Nano for Business 2010. www.lehigh.edu/lnn/NanoForBusiness2010photos2.shtml
  • “A Survey of Recent Micro and Nano Technology Patents for Cosmetics and Personal Care”, HBA Global Expo
  • “Novel Delivery Systems for Cosmetics Based on Nanotechnology”, with Sam Brauer, HBA, 9/28/10
  •   “U.S. IP Commercialization”, Invited talk, large chemical company, Japan
  •   “NanoSilver – Why It’s So Hot Now?”, NSTI
  •  “The 5 Things You Must Know Before Outsourcing to India”, PIUG Annual Conference. www.piug.org/2010/an10agenda.pdf
  •  “Intellectual Property Best Practices - from a Researcher’s Perspective”, Invited talk for a major petrochemical company
  • “Gaining Altitude With Joint Intellectual Property Development”, TechTalk @ KPIT Cummins, vol 3(2), Apr-Jun 2010, pp. 20-25.  
  • “What You Need To Win Over Investors”, Interview by Michele Alperin of US1. www.princetoninfo.com/index.php?option=com_us1more&Itemid=6&key=04-07-2010%20nano
    Building Real Value in Your Intellectual Property , Interview by MarcusEvans, 12/6/10. http://www.marcusevans-legal.com/index.php/2010/12/06/



  • “Energy, Environment & CleanTech”, BangaloreNano2008
  •  “Who Needs Innovation?” IndoAmerican Chamber of Commerce, Pune
  • BioNano, Panel chair, NanoTX. www.nanotx.biz/schedule.pdf

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  • Over 20 publications and patents.
  • Varied presentations and panels.

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