Medical Devices & Diagnostics

medicalConvergence of technology and the aging population are opening up many new markets to astute market leaders. We assist medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies to develop and drive growth initiatives, validate adjacent markets, identify out-of-industry technologies, extend API exclusivity with alternative drug delivery devices, and identify corporate investment or acquisition opportunities.
We developed a basic understanding of what it takes to identify and grow new businesses. Our service to transnational corporations pursuing new growth opportunities is to become a strategic partner, crafting alternative strategies and executing insightful action plans for a successful commercial outcome.

We tackle the following challenges:

Technology Development

medical2We identify and source new technologies from outside your business arena that could provide competitive advantage in one or more medical business segments.

Product Development

We provide an early look into disruptive new-to-world products, the development cycle needed to reach the commercial stage, and whether investment, licensing or acquisition is warranted.

Venture Development

We assist new-to-company business ventures, created inside the 'corporate cocoon', to complete their development cycle outside the risk-sensitive corporate structure.

Acquisitions & Alliances

We focus on the pre-transaction process that examines strategic fit, and the post-transaction process that defines commercial integration, to provide greater assurance of success.

Market Development

We define and validate opportunities to enter adjacent markets with current or slightly modified products and technologies.

Our Medical Device Practice is led by Robert Stathopulos, and includes the core team of Socrates Choumbakos and Stephen Onody.

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Robert Stathopulos

Managing Director, Medical Device Practice
Nanobiz, LLC

Robert Stathopulos

  • Expertise in new product and process development for medical and diagnostic devices
  • Former director of product development at Becton Dickinson and Johnson & Johnson
  • Former director of manufacturing development at Davis & Geck and Vyteris
  • Experienced leading complex product and process technology development programs
  • Practical knowledge of FDA device regulations, EU device directives and ISO standards
  • Experienced technical executive and management consultant

Socrates H. Choumbakos

  • Expertise in strategy development, strategic alliances, acquisitions and deal structure
  • Former director of corporate development at Becton Dickinson
  • Former CFO and CEO of several public and private medical technology companies
  • Skilled in repositioning companies for new market growth
  • Experienced business executive and management consultant

Stephen Onody

  • Expertise in device business development and marketing & sales management
  • Former director of marketing at Boston Scientific, Becton Dickinson and Terumo Medical
  • Practical knowledge of major markets, players and channels in medical device industry
  • Former CEO of several public and private medical technology companies
  • Experienced marketing executive and management consultant
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